Patty StoufferAbout 20 years ago, as a wife and mother of three, I decided to do something fun for myself one night a week outside the home. So I signed up to take a painting class. One class led to another, and before long, I was taking as many decorative art classes as I could. I have had the good fortune of learning many different painting techniques from some of the best artists in the SDP (Society of Decorative Painters). I have also taken many classes on composition, color theory, drawing and plein air painting.

Eventually, in 1995 I opened my own shop, Patricia’s Decorative Art Studio, at 3761 State Rd., Akron, OH. Since then, I have been teaching and designing my own decorative art packets, and have made some wonderful painting friends. Their constant support and enthusiasm have been invaluable to me and make teaching a pleasure.

I was born in Akron, Ohio and went to Taylor University in Upland, Ind. My family consists of my husband, Bobby, three children (Lael, Tiffany and Russell) two daughter-in-laws (Mary and Elaina), son-in-law (Aaron),their collective three dogs and my mom, Jeanne Mallett. She has been my painting partner through the years and is a skilled artist in her own right. She and Elmer, her pug, live just across the street. I’m, in fact, very lucky to have all of them close to me, and all very supportive of my painting endeavors.

Growing up in the mid west has had an influence on my painting subjects. I have vivid memories of childhood activities such as playing croquet, or berry picking on hot July mornings, or ice skating in January on the lakes near us.

We also have a family weekend house in LeRoy WV. This century old farmhouse and surrounding hills have served as inspiration for many of my paintings and designs.

My oil paintings are done from actual set ups, photos, or are painted plein air. Later, they are converted into acrylics for teaching and for designs which are then painted on 3-dimensional wood pieces.

My favorite style of painting is impressionism and I try to attain a sense of that in my landscapes. I always strive to convey the same sense of immediacy and emotion that I felt while either painting the scene plein air or taking the photo.

Keep in mind while painting any of my designs that no two works of art are ever identical. Everyone has their own unique style and technique. The most important goals are to be creative, to continue to learn, and most importantly to have fun.


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